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Branding: Logos & Corporate Identity

The key design directive for this task was to create
a unified clean and simple graphic which integrated
the concepts of both decanting wine with the
process of allowing the spark of an idea to breath,
grow and develop into a full and rich concept.
The sybolism is of course straighforward here in the representation of the equal halves
of the equinox. But also, the sun/flower image is meant to also convey 2 life related
qualities in line with the healthcare nature of this company. The flower is meant to
express a sense growth while the sun is intended to reflect the life-giving aspect of
the company.

The MORE Group
INTEGRATA  architecture & construction
The general idea here was to evoke both the
diversity of the company's offerings along
with a sense of order, support and stability.
For this branding project, one of the main ideas that the client wanted to convey
symbolically through the logo was to somehow show how the 2 facets that made
up the company, the architectural design half as well as the construction half worked
equally together to represent the company's identity. Therefore what I ended up with
was that I combined the lowercase a and c into a unified balanced form which then
worked tegether to evenly surround the central i representing the company's core.
• • • ANiMATED VERSION • • •

As a rejuvinating skin care product, the intention was to express a couple of different main elements. The first was to symbolically integrate a sense of 'turning back the clock' with this product. The next was to present a naturally healthy and 'organic' product angle, hence the leaf as the arrowhead of time's backward sweep as well as the use of a lighter green of fresh younger leaves. The design also incorporates an implied though subtle forward motion as if the top round part of the R is ready to roll forward, meant to elicit a sense that the product is ready to move and start the process. At least that's the phsychology behind the developement of the logo.

McGill University


Groupe de recherche établi au
Département d'anthropologie
l'Université de Montréal

1001 Ways Productions [Film]
Los Angeles, California

Other Previous Clients & Types of Projects:


Law Offices of Kenyon & Kenyon
[New York City, NY / USA]
Diagrams and redrafts for corporate patents


(Marine shipping e-commerce company)
Marketing material

IatroQuest Corporation
Anagenis Inc.

Chronogen Inc.
(Biotech Companies)
Branding and marketing material

Royal European Investments
Website & content / photography

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Centerstone Ventures
Venture Capital Firm
Corporate branding

Pierre Belvedere, Inc.
[Montreal, Canada] 
Product display layout design
Catalog-related material

Youth Employment Service
[Montreal, Canada] 
Marketing materials

Government of Canada 
• Website content

Canadian Coast Guard
 • Diagrams for technical reports

Province of Quebec
Department of Justice
Illustrations for court case presentation


Just For Laughs Festival

[Montreal, Canada]

On-stage presentation material:
George Lopez Gala (2007/07/20)
William Shatner Gala (2007/07/21)

Planet Hollywood
Special event promotion

Finlandia Vodka
Montreal Grand Prix ad campaign promotion

Kaizen Restaurant
Tokyo Bar
GoGo Lounge

[Montreal, Canada)
General event promotions

Johnnie Fox's Pub
[Dublin / Ireland]
Saint Patrick's Day promotions

Fleming Artist Management
Concert event promotional meterial

(marketing/branding agency)
Marketing campagin material

ProDrive Systems
Technical schematic illustrations
Training brochure layout

Keptinsight Productions
Film & multimedia productions
[Berlin / Germany]
Movie press kit, posters, previous web site
Art show invitations, posters, web & print ads

(Educational toy company)
Children's Puzzle Map of Canada


Marine Biological Laboratory

[Woods Hole, Massachusetts / USA]
Design & coding of interactive map web page

Canadian Federation of
Biological Sciences
45th Annual Conference
[ Organizing Committee member ]

Design of all conference print material including:
•Poster, brochure, ads, meeting kit, o-site signage

Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society
•Marketing material

McGill University
[Montreal, Canada]

Dean of Students / First-Year Office
  • Discover McGill (Orientation Program)
McGill Orientation Resource Centre
  • Annual campaign (1995-2011)

Department of Physiology
Department of Pharmacology
Faculty of Medicine

Center for Non-Linear Dynamics
Center for Biorecognition & Biosensors

Center for Gene Regulation
Electron Microscopy Research Facility

Astrobiology Lecture Series

  •2004-2012 posters & newspaper ads

Also: Figures & illustrations for numerous scientific journal articles